David’s Diary Archive

Though the weather has not been as kind in the summer months as we had perhaps hoped or expected, it has not prevented masonic social activities such as the Morecambe Bay Walk, the Provincial Bowling Day at Barrow and the Provincial Golf Day recently held at Lytham Green Drive Golf club taking place and being great successes for individuals and the charities that they have and will support. These formal events have been added to by many lodge social occasions such as curry nights; BBQ’s, Sunday lunches, golf days and lodge Bowling events to name but a few. The newly formed cycling and walking group have completed outings from Glasson Dock to Heysham and return and are about to undertake a route that encompasses the beautiful Crook of Lune Valley area. These events are open to family and friends and we encourage you to come along and take part.
It has been a busy, happy and successful time for the Friends of St Anne’s Palace as we open our masonic building to become a community hub to be utilised and enjoyed by all members of our community. It was therefore a delight to see one of the trustees Bev Sykes who runs the ‘Just Good Friends’ support group in our building being recognised for her work on the Surprise Surprise Television show. Indeed the former winners of Britain’s Got Talent dance group ‘Diversity’ actually performed within our masonic hall at the Palace for the show.
As the new masonic season approaches we have a lot to look forward to with several lodges having new members wishing to join their ranks. Once again we will have the delight of celebration with 4 individual brethren in the year ahead, namely Brothers Brotherton, Hall, Moxey and Goodyear to support them in their milestone achievements of having completed 50 years as freemasons. I always say that there can be no better independent evidence of the happiness and friendship derived from being a freemason than people who have been happy to commit 50 years to it! These events will take place across our Group area at the Masonic Hall at Poulton and the Palace at St Annes. We will also have the delight of Quadrant Lodge celebrating its 50 years since consecration, in early October.
One person who has been working hard on our behalf in the so called closed season has been our webmaster Gareth and I take this opportunity to thank him for his work in continuing to develop our website and to open up the communication links of what we are about and what we do, to not only masons, but the public at large, whom we hope to attract to our organisation. If you are currently a non-mason but on reading our website would like to find out more about us then please do not hesitate to make contact on the ‘Contact us’ tab on the front page of this website.
Once again I look forward to enjoying your company in the weeks and months ahead and wish you all and your families well!
The weather may have been changeable in our summer months but happiness, fun, friendship and fulfilment can always be guaranteed in our many meetings!!


Well, where did the Summer period go? Perhaps the excellent weather in June and July in particular helped together with a strong sporting feel provided by the World Cup and then the Commonwealth Games.

The investiture of our new Provincial Grand Master James Anthony Harrison was a particular highlight at Blackpool at the end of July wonderfully supported by South Fylde Group Masons and the Province as a whole. It was a great spectacle that did great credit to this wonderful Province of ours. We wish Tony and his wife Maureen a most happy and fulfilling tenure of office in his new exciting and important role.

 I very much hope that you have enjoyed the summer break and are now fully energised and looking forward to the camaraderie and companionship of friends and the many available meetings and social events that lie ahead for your consideration.

It always seems to me to be a wonderful thing that you can enjoy and have a ball within the environment that Freemasonry provides while also supporting charitable causes and the community at large. It would perhaps surprise many non-masons that Freemasonry outside the National Lottery is the next biggest giver to charity in this country with over 112 million pounds given since 1984. It supports medical research, every hospice in the country on an annual basis and such organisations as Air Ambulance. Over and above this it gives considerable amounts to local charities.

This year the Group will enjoy the achievement of 6 individual brethren who will celebrate either 50 years or in one instance 60 years as a Freemason. There can perhaps be no better example of how good freemasonry is than the evidence that 6 brethren have amassed a total of 310 years within the organisation; an organisation that is open to men of all faiths from the age of 21 and in some instances from 18 years onwards. Our oldest member in the Province I believe is 102!!   Those who have not considered joining in my opinion are missing out on a great deal. So often I hear masons tell me that they wished that they had joined the organisation earlier. It is therefore evident to me that it is up to all Masons to talk openly about Freemasonry. Contrary to popular opinion there really are no secrets after all we have a Provincial website as do the 22 individual Groups within this Province.

I look forward as always to supporting Ian Ward in his role as Group Chairman, his executive and of course every mason within our Group. Also to supporting our Hall Chairmen, Colin Moxey, Geoff Crossland and their hard working teams. I invite you also to support them with your time, commitment and skills and to encourage non masons to use their facilities and further open up what we do and also our environs to the public at large after all we have absolutely nothing to hide.

Can I thank you for your charitable support and participation of the Morecambe Bay Walk in July that raised a great deal for charity.

Finally my wife Sue and I would like to thank you for your friendship, support and infectious encouragement!!  Enjoy your Masonry to the full brethren and be proud that you are a Freemason and let other non-masons know just what they are missing out on.

I look forward to seeing you all in the year ahead