Masonic Halls

Poulton Le Fylde

In late 1887 following the purchase of the building known as ‘The Old Police Court’, by members of Fidelity Lodge, and the subsequent demolition of that building down to cellar level, the project to build Poulton Masonic Hall was commenced. The combined cost of site clearance and new build being £1000, which today would be equivalent to about £480,000.
The foundation stone of the new Masonic Hall was laid on the 8th October 1898 with full Masonic ceremony by the thenDeputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro Robert Wylie who was supported by many Freemasons from far and near, including all the members of Fidelity Lodge. The ceremony included a march round town in full Masonic Regalia and a service

in St.Chad’s Church.
In 1869 Fidelity Lodge was the first Masonic Lodge to be established at Poulton Le Fylde and met at the Bull Hotel until the Masonic Hall was consecrated. This took place, again with full Masonic ceremony on the 20th July 1899.
In order to satisfy certain legal niceties and to have on record those named as being responsible for the financing and management of the new Masonic Hall, Fidelity Lodge was required to elect five of their members as Masonic Hall Trustees. Fidelity Lodge Trustees held that responsibility until 1964 when the present Poulton Masonic Hall Company Ltd took over full ownership of the building, furniture, fixtures and fittings formerly owned and controlled by the Fidelity Lodge Trustees. The Company was incorporated on the 3rd December 1964 and was to be controlled by a Board of Directors who would be responsible for all aspects of Company activities.
Currently there are seven Craft Lodges, two Chapters and eight other orders of Masonry meeting in the Hall.

St Annes

Built in 1900 as the St Annes Public Hall and Tearooms, it was altered in 1910 to a Cinema. The Blackpool Winter Gardens bought the building in 1925, enlarged the Cinema, and put in a sprung dance floor ( where the Lodge room is now ).

The Blue room was a Cafe, usually for afternoon teas to accompany the Tea Dances. There was a Billiard Room in the basement, but with the Freemasons buying the building circa 1959 and carrying out major alterations to remodel the interior, the lowering of the lower floor to accomodate the Market, and the fitting of a new floor to create the main dining area upstairs, this along with the creation of the Lodge rooms has resulted in the current building.
Recent exterior renovations have added to the looks and expected longevity of the building.

With Thanks to W Bros C Moxey and G Crosland