Slick working at St Anne’s Chapter

Since the memorable meeting when St Anne’s Chapter No 2457 performed its second enhanced exaltation ceremony of the year, in the presence of the Grand Superintendant Tony Harrison and the Provincial team, the chapter has been methodically and regularly practising for its installation. Hard work and attention to detail ensured that the companions didn’t disappoint.

Dave Barr (left) congratulates Brian Horrocks on his proclamation.

On the occasion they received Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals David Randerson as their principal guest. David was accompanied by eight grand officers; Terry Hudson, Peter Elmore, Stuart Thornber, Ron Weatherill, David Harrison, Roger Perry and Chairman of South Fylde Group Ian Ward. Also in attendance were four acting Provincial grand officers, Bob Boal, Phil Bolton and Juan Topping, led by Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah David Barr.

Having agreed to take the chair for a second year, Brian Horrocks was proclaimed first principal of St Anne’s Chapter. John Bainbridge was installed as second principal and Roger Perry, himself a past first principal of the chapter, was inducted into the third principal’s chair.

The work was slick and of such a high standard, from the readings of Brian Anderson to the several addresses by other brethren, that the director of ceremonies Ian Park and his assistant David Lawn, had little to do. David Randerson remarked that Ian Park had pulled together an exceptional team and thanked everyone who took part for a brilliant display.

Pictured from left to right, are: John Bainbridge, David Randerson, Brian Horrocks and Roger Perry.

Brian Horrocks presented charity cheques of £250 to the Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival, £100 to the Lytham Royal National Lifeboat Institution, £50 to Ormerod House, £50 to Fylde Link and £100 to Blood Bikes; a total of £550.

Speaking on behalf of the grand officers, Ian Ward commented on a ceremony with a difference; a proclamation, an installation and an induction. He hoped that the chapter would prosper under the leadership of the three principals and wished them good health for the year ahead.

Speaking on behalf of the Provincial grand officers, Jack Blackburn was full of praise for Ian Park and the installation team, remarking: “What an event! The work tonight was very tidy.”

David Randerson (left) receives flowers for his wife Anne from Brian Horrocks.

At the festive board the song to the three principals was performed by David Harrison and accompanied by Phil Bolton. After winning part of the raffle which raised £135, David Randerson responded to the toast to the grand officers. He said that he was proud of the work that David Barr was doing throughout the Province as the Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah and wished him continued good health for the rest of the year.

David Randerson reported that the Provincial team had been thrilled by what they had witnessed at the enhanced exaltation ceremony, adding that the standard of work at St Anne’s Chapter on that occasion was the talk of the Province. David also spoke about the MCF 2021 Festival, recruitment and fresh initiatives to get the message out to the brethren that their Masonic education is not yet finished. He also mentioned the importance of supporting our Masonic halls so that we leave them as legacies for those who follow; that is the good men who are coming into Freemasonry.

Pictured from left to right, are: Phil Bolton, Ian Ward, David Randerson, John Bainbridge, Brian Horrocks, Roger Perry, Dave Barr, Juan Topping and Bob Boal.

David Barr responded for the Provincial officers after the toast to their health. He thanked Roger Perry and David Harrison, both of whom had been Provincial Scribe Nehemiah in previous years, for their support. He also thanked the other acting Provincial grand officers for their attendance and congratulated the chapter for a fine ceremony and festive board.

Having spent five years as Scribe Ezra to the chapter, David Barr thanked the companions for their support during that period. He welcomed Bill Hembrow, who had assumed that office during the installation meeting. After praising everyone involved for a wonderful evening, he concluded by saying: “The history of our chapter is in our heads, the future of the chapter is now in our hands.”

Pictured from left to right, are: Ron Weatherill, Stuart Thornber, Terry Hudson, David Randerson, John Bainbridge, Brian Horrocks, Roger Perry, Peter Elmore, David Harrison, Ian Ward and Dave Barr.

Everyone left on a happy note.

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