Whisky galore at Quadrant

Over 30 revellers attended St Anne’s Palace to take part in a whisky and prosecco charity evening. How does this happen, you may ask? At Quadrant Lodge No 8044 installation meeting back in April 2018, a chance conversation occurred between Provincial Grand Steward David Rigby and Ben Gorry, who was soon to be appointed to that office.

Bottles of whisky waiting to be opened.

This little chat sowed the seed and concerned their shared love of the ‘water of life’, whisky that is. Fast forward a while to the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting at Blackpool and by the time that evening had ended the two of them had formulated a plan for a charity event led by Quadrant Lodge.

The concept, combined with the creative flair of resident social magician Pat Sumner, grew into a combined ‘Whisky and Prosecco’ charity evening. The evening took the format of a guided tour through six specialist single malt whiskies via the expertise and unbounded enthusiasm of David Rigby. For the non-whisky drinkers, they attended the ‘pimp my prosecco’ area where they were able to add a variety of fruits, vegetables and other items to flavour their drink to generate new and interesting taste sensations.

To support the charity, and in the pursuit of the coveted Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, a young man named Zac Gooderham chose to donate his Friday evening by helping out with the organization of the event.

Picture left: David Rigby explaining the finer points of malt whisky appreciation. Picture right: Two ladies enjoying some prosecco creations.

As the night progressed a raffle was held. The raffle benefitted from a variety of prizes donated by several local businesses. Following the raffle two of the more select items were auctioned; namely a specialist bottle of single malt whisky donated by our host David Rigby and a signed boxing glove, donated by former British Lightweight Boxing Champion (and local Lytham lad) Scott Cardle. As a result of this raffle, the princely sum of £430 was raised and donated to the MCF 2021 Festival.

Apart from the usual charitable benefits, evenings such as this at The Palace have, in recent times, produced interest amongst attendees in becoming new candidates for Freemasonry. Indeed, this occasion has already generated interest from four potential new candidates for initiation. Also, several other Masonic connections were made in the direction of current Masons looking to join the Royal Arch.

As the evening ended, everyone departed having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening (with a few hangovers in the post), looking forward to the next evening at The Palace.

Attendees getting into the spirit of the occasion.

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